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The PMFlist was established by The Microbiology Network to provide a forum for the exchange of microbiology related ideas and experiences in regulated industries.

The mailing list works as follows:

Email messages sent to the PMFList by subscribers are distributed by the list server to all subscribers. Replies to that email are sent to all subscribers. (All messages go through a moderator for approval.)

The usefulness of the mailing list depends on the amount (and quality) of information disseminated through the list. This is a very active list, and we encourage you to support this venture.

We have a complete archives of the list from 1998.

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe by filling out our Subscription Form.

How to Send Mail to the List

Send an email message to PMFList@lists.microbiologynetwork.com. Use the subject line to give a general indication (in less than 30 characters if possible) of the content of the message. Your message will be sent to the other PMFList subscribers after the moderator has a chance to review it for appropriate content.

How to Unsubscribe

If you wish to be removed from the mailing list, send an email message to listserv@lists.microbiologynetwork.com with the following text in the body of the message: unsubscribe pmflist


Archives of Emails from the PMFList have been maintained since January of 1998.
Please be aware that all Emails to the list are immediately in the public domain – Search the Archives for information.


There are no costs involved in using the mailing list (unless host institutions charge for email communications).


Please note that the nature of this service is to provide a medium for communication. The specific statements and endorsements of individuals participating in the discussions are not necessarily those of The Microbiology Network, Inc., the PMF, or the sponsors of the list.

Job Postings

Recruiters are welcome to post blind job openings to the list in exchange for a modest fee to assist in the cost of providing the list. Individuals or recruitment firms seeking candidates for their labs may post job openings for no charge with the provision that the company, location, position and responsibilities of the job opening are clearly identified.


See our FAQ page. If you would like to know more about the mailing list please email us.


Members of the list have been very generous in supplying presentations, and other files of interest. Learn more…