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Consulting Approach

Quality Control Microbiology is a specialized discipline, frequently difficult to manage from both a compliance and a scientific perspective without relevant training and experience. It is also a laboratory discipline central to successful manufacturing by aseptic processing and manufacture of non-sterile products free of “objectionable organisms.”


This discipline becomes especially demanding when things go wrong. The need for expert assistance is never more keenly felt than when investigating a microbiological data deviation (MDD, a.k.a OOS). However, the most effective time to prepare for the investigation is in your normal activities. Let’s make sure that everything is in order ahead of time, and also call on us for assistance in need to establish the root cause, determine appropriate corrective action and evaluate the effectiveness of that action.

Mentoring is the Focus

Rather than investing in the hiring expense of high-level personnel, consider outsourcing the expertise to train existing personnel to execute and maintain the systems and processes needed to ensure success. We can design practical systems to meet your specific needs, and then mentor the staff on-site in the execution of the systems and in problem-solving skills to meet the demands of the future without immediate increase in headcount directed at managerial and technical expertise.

Consultants, not Contractors

The Microbiology Network is a network of successful, independent consultants who are interested in teaching your personnel how to address issues. These subject matter experts will solve your problem, show your people how to solve it in the future, and then leave. There is no interest in long, drawn-out contracting jobs.


Maximize your consulting budget – get it done right the first time!