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Customized Webinar Training

Bring the convenience and focus of webinars into your facility at a time of your choosing. Contact scott.sutton@microbiol.org for information on how to arrange for these standard, 60 minute webinars to be made available for training of your personnel. All webinars can also be customized for your specific training needs

  • Sterile/non-sterile
  • Solid/liquid
  • Pharma/OTC/Medical Device/Personal Care Products/Dietary Supplement/Compounding Pharmacy GMPS
  • QC Microbiology
  • Manufacutring Support
  • Laboratory Suppport


The value of customized webinars is that you can select the specific subject matter expert (SME) of interest and a particular topic of interest.  This topic can be developed specifically to your requirements by that expert. 

Please let us know how we can help.