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The Microbiology Network is excited to announce that we have developed an area of expertise, based upon decades of pharmaceutical microbiology experience, that will allow us to serve a new field of industrial microbiology: We are now working with producers of medical cannabis and are serving the emerging CQC market.  Some of the specific areas of consultation and training include:
Contamination controls: We can offer solutions in terms of disinfection regimens, aseptic technique, manufacturing personnel behaviors
Investigations: We can offer a prescriptive investigation technique
Microbiological testing: We can offer a full spectrum of consulting services relating to microbiological test methods, dependent upon your specific Board of Health's requirements, including establishment of suitable laboratory facilities (layout, equipment, materials, etc.).
Standard Operating Procedures: We can author SOPs, including contamination controls, investigations and microbiological testing.  In addition, we can assist with establishment of a full spectrum of Quality systems, including change control, training, deviations, document control, etc., including SOPs.
Partnering:  We can partner with you if you have the need to address microbiological concerns with your State Board of Health.
Edibles: Our M.S. nutritionist can work with your Scientific Officers to develop nutritionally-sound edibles that meet your formulation and Board of Health requirements.  This includes edibles formulated to support specific health conditions, such as gluten intolerance and diabetes, and includes all aspects of food safety management.
We’ve assembled a basic CQC curriculum, geared specifically to the cannabis manufacturing community, and can offer hands-on training covering all of the above areas.  We can also work with you to customize training modules tailored to your organization’s specific needs.
CQC Curriculum Package:
1. GMP for Cannabis Quality Control
This 3-day intensive course provides Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) training tailored specifically to the needs of cannabis manufacturing and can be tailored for laboratory analysts, manufacturing operators or management. The course covers basic GMP (and the reasons behind the regulations). This course uses U.S. Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) to focus on current practice and the science behind contamination control.
2. Contamination Control for Manufacturing Personnel – CQC
This 1-day course is designed for manufacturing managers. This course focuses on the requirements for cleanliness and hygiene in all aspects of the operations as well as the reasons behind those requirements.
3. Contamination Control for Manufacturing Management - CQC
This 2-hour course on pharmaceutical microbiology is designed for manufacturing and laboratory management, focusing on providing an overview of the need for cleanliness and contamination control.
Our team of consultants and trainers stand ready to help you!
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