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Rick Jakober

Rick Jakober is the Vice President, Laboratory Services, at Perritt Laboratories, Inc.  He earned a B.S. in Environmental Sciences at Cook College, Rutgers University.

Mr. Jakober is a seasoned researcher with wide ranging experience in microbiological analyses including in-depth knowledge of FDA and compendial cGMP requirements combined with broad knowledge and experience in USP, Ph. Eur., JP, ISO, ASTM, EPA, and AOAC methodologies. In addition, he has over 25 years experience in pharmaceutical microbiology, specializing in non-sterile products. This includes Microbial Content testing, Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing, Water Systems, Environmental Monitoring and inorganic chemical analyses.  Mr. Jakober has been with Perritt Laboratories since 1987 and previously was with Carter-Wallace and Ayerst Laboratories

Employment History

1987 - Present  Manager, Director and Vice President, Laboratory Services at Perritt Laboratories.  Mr. Jakober oversees teh laboratory testing, as well as providing consultation on topics of new product development.  He was responsible for ISO 17025:2005 accreditation of Perritt Labs.

1985-1987 QA Technician, Carter Wallace, Inc for microbiology testing lab.  Performed QA and QC functions.

1983-1985 QC Technician at Ayerst Labs.



Frequent presenter at PMF Conferences, PDA conferences and IVT conferences

An active member of PDA, SIM, ASM AAPS and AAMI

Mr. Jakober was chosen by the EPA as an expert technical reviewer for the draft manual of microbiological methods approved under USEPA water and wastewater regulations in 1996. Additionally, Mr. Jakober is a member of ASTM Committee D - 19.24, Water Microbiology and ASTM E – 35.15, Antimicrobial Agents.


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